JourneyCorp Travel provides our corporate travellers with travel solutions to best suit your company’s needs.  We get to know your travel patterns and can provide a easy and painless travel service to you and your travellers.  We manage your business travel from the quotation to the statement.  Be it a small company with a few frequent travellers, a mid size company with a few travellers or even a large company with only a handful of travellers, JourneyCorp Travel  can tailor make your arrangements from start to finish.  We have the right technology and expert travel support through eTravel to provide all the reports and statements you need to keep track of your travel spend.  Below is a list of all the travel services that we offer.

Take the stress out of travel and let us assist with all aspects of your trip:

  • Visas
  • Foreign exchange
  • Transfers
  • International & domestic flights
  • Accommodation
  • Car hire
  • Travel insurance
  • Conferences and incentives
  • Group travel
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