These Terms and conditions regulate the general booking conditions pertaining to your reservation. It serves to ensure that your travel arrangements are 100% accurate, and outlines the areas of responsibility for both client and travel consultant.

1. Confirmation of your booking.
Please ensure that you are happy with you travel itinerary prior to any documentation being issued. You will be asked to confirm that you are happy with these arrangements by either signing the confirmation or by agreeing to its content via email.

2. Check the names are correct.
It is extremely important that the names on all documentation are exactly the same as those listed on each passport. You will be asked to provide a copy of the passports of each traveller when making a reservation.

3. Deposits
All deposits paid to both JourneyCorp and its suppliers are non-refundable. Should a deposit not be received, by the specific date, the reservation will be cancelled. Only full payment will guarantee the price quoted. A deposit will secure your reservation but the total price is affected by rates of exchange, availability, airfare rulings and various other factors.

4. Payment for your booking.
Full payment is required for your booking at least 8 weeks prior to departure or at the time of the booking, depending on the requirements of our suppliers*. Airfare payments are often due immediately and this is at the airlines discretion. JourneyCorp, and our clients, are expected to adhere to these strict supplier deadlines which will be discussed with you at the time of making your reservation.

5. Service Charges
JourneyCorp reserves the right to implement service charges. Service may include booking, ticketing, amendment, communications, and consultation, documentation and administration fees for online reservations. We believe in being upfront with all charges and will be happy to disclose them on request.

6. Cancellation Fees
Both JourneyCorp and our suppliers* charge cancellation fees once a ticket has been issued or a package processed.

7. Baggage allowances
You baggage allowance will vary according to airline, class of travel and routing. The correct baggage allowances are shown on your air ticket and excess baggage charges are avalible via the airline website. These may be very costly.

8. Check-in times
Check-in times are generally 3 hours prior to departure for international flights and 90 minutes prior for local flights. We do advise that you do an online check-in 24 hours before to reduce your check-in time at the actual airport. We are happy to do this on your behalf should you wish.

9. Reconfirm your flights
Prior to departure, we will advise of any changes in itinerary but once you have commenced travel it is important for the passenger to check all onward flights via the airline website.

10. Seating
Seating is never guaranteed. We can request these at the time of the booking but it is at the airline’s discretion. Many airlines have now implemented paid seating which is not included in the initial airfare.

11. Meal requests
We will request meals on your behalf but cannot guarantee them, even if the airline confirms at the time of booking.

12. Insurance
It is extremely important that you have comprehensive travel insurance when you travel. We are able to offer a comprehensive cover for your itinerary. This is often a requirement when applying for a visa. Should you decline this, JourneyCorp is not liable for any expenses incurred for lost baggage, travel delay, medical emergencies and any related costs.

13. Driver’s Licenses
We recommend you travel with an international driver’s license as well as your local SA license just to be safe.

14. Refunds
All airfare payments are immediately transferred across to the airline. Refund applications may take up to 12 weeks to process and in certain cases longer. Over and above any airline, or any other supplier* charge, we reserve the right to charge cancellation and processing fees which are paid at the time of making the refund application.

15. Visas
You will be referred to our visa partners for sound visa advice pertaining to your itinerary. JourneyCorp may not be held liable for any losses incurred due to visa delay/error or decline. Please check with the embassy directly should you have any questions.

16. Passport validity
You are responsible for ensuring that you have a valid passport – Valid for 6 months after return of travel, and with enough blank pages to satisfy the authorities throughout your journey. Unabridged birth certificates are still required for minors under 18 on all international travel.

*suppliers include airlines, shipping lines, rail services, accommodation suppliers, coach, car hire, touring and sightseeing companies.

JourneyCorp Travel acts at all times as an agent , sub-agent or broker for various principals and other parties , inter alia ;tour operators, airline , shipping companies, car hire and touring firms, hotel and other providers of tours , transport , sea or land arrangements and other travel-related services. We act on behalf of all these principals and are not responsible for acts of error or omission made by them or their agents. In addition we shall not be held liable for any losses incurred due to an end supplier’s insolvency or ceasing of operations.

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