Honeymoon corner

Weddings can be stressful, we all need a prize at the end of the finish line.  It can all get a bit daunting.  JourneyCorp Travel is here to make your honeymoon booking experience a little easier and hassle free.  Have a look at our honeymoon planning tips below to help you along.

Six months to a year before:

  • Determine honeymoon budget, including airfare
  • Contact JourneyCorp Travel
  • Select your destination and/book, make necessary deposit payments.
  • Make sure your passport has not expired

Note:  Be sure that it will not expire within 6 months of returning.

Some countries require that it not expire 3-6 months after return date.

  • Enquire about travel insurance

3 months before:

  • Apply for a visa if necessary
  • Research activities

One month before

  • Finalize itinerary and documents with your travel advisor (JourneyCorp Travel)
  • Make your packing list – DO NOT forget plug Converters!
  • Check the condition of your luggage and if need be
  • Research activities

Two weeks before

  • Contact your credit card company to let them know where you will be traveling
  • Exchange at least R500 to the local currency of your destination
  • Contact your cellphone company for travel information
  • Obtain your documents from your advisor (JourneyCorp Travel)

One week before

  • Make copies of your passport and take a photo of it in your smart phone
  • Make sure you have extra medication in the original prescription bottle
  • Check weather and pack accordingly
  • Leave copies of itinerary with a loved one
  • Pack early